Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Behind the PlanetTown: Conference Call

We did a sketch called "Conference Call". It was not easy. After ten takes, we nailed it. I mean we killed it. It was one of those times when we all knew it. There were high fives and chest bumps.

However, like all good sketches (and life), there must be pain before there can be joy. It turned out that, while the camera was rolling, no audio was captured for the shoot. One of us (I'm not naming names) negligently connected the audio input to the headphone jack.

 We originally wrapped shooting around midnight and were all about to go for a swim when I broke the news to the guys. We ended up re-shooting the entire sketch--which, mind you, is one continuous take-- again. The boys were none to happy with me. Included here, for the first time, is some of the madness that ensued during the second swing at "Conference Call."

 We take dicking around seriously.

 -Nick D

Below is the finished version of "Conference Call."

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