Fun Links

Other Projects:

Oh Theodora! - Trevor does live sketch with these funny people.

Anything At All - Nate runs a podcast about improvising.

Panic and Fear - Nick D writes about his feelings.

Clown Car to Cicily - Jim and friends perform musical improv together.

Echo - Trevor performs on an iO Harold team... like a boss.

Our Friends:

Funemployed - A great Chicago web series. Season 3 coming soon.

Teachers - The Katydids' web series about what teaching is really like.

Drew's Tumbler - Three ladies perform sketch comedy group exploring themes like rollerskating and death.

Read It & Weep - A podcast about awful books, TV shows, & movies. Nick shows up here sometimes.

Alex Falcone - Portland stand-up and improvisor and the host of Read It & Weep.

Tim Dufrinse - NY-based stand-up, writer, improvisor.

Potential Boyfriends - A live variety show you can check out weekly in Chicago.


Bruce Wayne Logic - The Dark Knight isn't always thinking clearly.

First World Boyfriend - Preston Bates III gives you an inside look into the life of the 1%.

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